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Fraud in Mobile - an ever increasing issue

Can anyone be surprised about that? No, when one checks the numbers it ain’t! With the global mobile advertising market reaching this year an expected $100bln and a doubling of that by 2020, it is clear that this ‘raises the interest’ from criminals, especially given the “global, non-meet online only, high growth no time, and relative immaturity” of our market still today.

The criminals are “Hu(a)mmer(ing)” our world and are truly “Godless” in threatening the trustworthiness of our companies active in the still vastly undiscovered galaxy of mobile advertising.

Every week researchers identify malicious apps, pop-up adverts and even adult apps and games that are spreading around as jumping Trojan grasshoppers consuming big chunks of the mobile advertising cake (with an estimated $7.2bln this year) but what is more important, denting the trust in our industry and its clients. Anyhow, that's a Billion up from last year….imagine what you can do with that….

(Cyber) security and combat against fraud is a never ending story as we can learn also from other, long established, old fashioned J market segments like real estate and financial services. However, given the ‘anonymous’ (non-f2f) character of our industry we have an extra challenge to bring rigor and accountability in the digital advertising supply chain.  

At DCypher Media B.V. we take GIVT (General Invalid Traffic) and SIVT (Sophisticated Invalid Traffic) most seriously. Not only have we embarked upon a multi-layered ‘safety net’ development inside our own software, using a.o. advanced benchmarking, filtering techniques (e.g. side-tracking mobile installs from fixed subnets for further assessment before allowing, validated, conversions to be reported) and intelligent agents to assess user behaviour, but we also partner with trusted third parties, led by the well-known experts from Forensiq (

This whole is overseen by our in-house digital advertising supply chain team where we have employed leading international supply chain and security experts, bringing unparalleled experience in optimising processes and minimizing risks.

It is clear that excluding fraud traffic fully is and will remain an utopia. However, we see that our path of combining reactive and increasingly pro-active fraud combatting bears fruits. Besides bringing strong sustainable results to our clients and partners, it is for us no bigger joy then to f…k the fraudsters.

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