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What does DCypher Media do?

DCypher connects advertisers with publishers and (re)targets the traffic in order for the advertiser to gain enhanced exposure for their ads while publishers gain additional revenues for their traffic.


What business models does DCypher Media work with?

DCypher operates with CPA, CPI, CPC, CPL, CPS and CPM business models.


What payment methods does DCypher Media offer?

Dcypher offers the following payment methods: Wire Transfer with a minimum payout of USD 1,000 and PayPal / Payoneer / Paxum / Payza / WebMoney / ePayments for smaller amounts.


When do I get paid?

Dcypher pays “net 30 days” which means that earnings from March are paid on 1st working day of May; from April on 1st working day of June et cetera. All our payments are done from The Netherlands.


Which countries is DCypher Media targeting?

DCypher is working globally and can serve requests for any country. Talk to an account representative for more details as dedicated targeted campaigns always lead to additional exposure and revenues.


What targeting options are available on your platform?

DCypher’s partners can target: countries, devices, connections, carriers, OS (operating systems), browsers and time.


How long does it take to approve ads?

DCypher review ads in the order they come in. We are geared to review everything within 48 hours, irrespective of which day it is.


When do my ads start running?

After Sign Up, you can start creating your campaigns right away. For your first campaign we will contact you within 48 hours to get your contract and campaign up and running. Subsequent campaign(s) will be approved within 24 hours.


Can DCypher Media create ads?

We happily make our experiences and best practices available for you. Please contact one of our Advertiser managers to discuss details.


What time standard does your system use?

DCypher is using UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) as the standard time of our system. Performances and payouts are calculated using UTC.


How can my website be approved?

In order to become part of our publisher network, please Sign Up and be contacted by one of our Publisher managers.


Are analytics and reports available?

Both Publisher and Advertiser clients have their own dedicated front-end access to the DCypher website on which their live stats are displayed as well as other relevant and interesting information.


How can I retrieve a lost password?

Then you are dead in the water :)  so contact us immediately and we will get you back on track instantly !


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